SoulCollage®  is both an intuitive personal art form and a spiritual process.  It is a gentle, playful way of exploring one’s life, recognizing and honoring the different aspects of the authentic self and giving voice to the soul through collaged images.  Through a simple process of cutting and pasting images from magazines, participants create cards that will help them access their inner wisdom, quiet their thinking mind, allowing intuition and the work of the Spirit to have a voice.  All facets of our personalities, gifts, challenges, dreams—have wisdom and healing to impart. Over time,  participants  create a deck of SoulCollage®  cards that facilitates self-exploration and encourages self-acceptance.

​​Workshops: Are you interested in learning a new creative process for exploring your inner wisdom?  We offer workshops in a variety of our creative practices such as SoulCollage®, Journey Circles™, Contemplative Photography, Dream work and more.  Take a look below to see samples of some different process.  See what is scheduled or gather 6-10 friends and I'll create a workshop just for you.  

Private Retreats:  When you are in the midst of significant life transition or have just been dealing with the stress of ordinary living, taking time to retreat can offer space to breathe and engage in restorative practice.  Together we will craft a private retreat on beautiful Lake Norman which will provide the time and space to retreat, relax, reflect and renew. Retreats can be planned for a day, overnight or a long weekend and can include coaching and instruction in a variety of creative practices.


"The ancient Greeks had two words for time; chronos, which refers to measured time – seconds, minutes, hours, years, and kairos, when time stands still, the earth pauses and fates are changed. Enter into Karen Campbell’s Seeds for Change Creative SoulCraft and you’ll find yourself stepping into kairos time. Whether it be one of her Soulcollage Workshops, her healing touch through Reiki, her Holistic Life Coaching, or Sacred Listening; Karen skillfully guides you away from daily chatter and  invites you to a deeper understanding of the dimensions of your life. When the threads of my life become impossibly tangled I seek safe harbor in the sanctuary of Karen’s spirituality. It’s there I find clarity, wisdom and strength." 

The Reverend Carrie Bishop, ELCA

Contemplative photography engages a person in the practice of looking deeply. Seeing things from a new perspective oftentimes shifts the way a person reacts giving back freedom of conscious choosing in situations that have previously operated on autopilot.

Zen Doodle Mandalas: Intuitive drawing  using simple shapes and meditative coloring with paints, colored pencils and more.

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