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Testimonials from clients

“Karen has the ability to take folks to a new place in their thinking.  She has a keen sense of understanding your needs and offering the tools to assist you in a unique way.  I have found working with her professionally and personally to be a rewarding experience.” ​ Susan Cogdill, Executive Director, Wilkes Community Partnership for Children

Karen Campbell is an awesome spiritual companion on the journey. She is both down-to-earth and practical, while  keenly insightful and ready to plumb the depths.  She is very focused on "midwifing" our spiritual growth -- that is, letting Spirit lead the process, and letting it unfold as it does.  And she is always caring and compassionate. She has stood by me calmly through some tough stuff!  Rev. Joan Grant, Asheville, NC

With a focus on supporting and guiding others through transformative process, Karen uses a blended approach encompassing depth work grounded in the teaching of psychologist, Dr. Carl Jung, experiential process, expressive art, conscious life design and Reiki. This powerful work uses symbol and metaphor as the language of wisdom, the power of accessing personal stories through art, exploring the meaning of dreams, energy work and engaging ones own journey experience in new ways.

Karen's education includes an BA in Education and a Masters of Human Development and Learning with post graduate work in counseling and expressive arts therapy.  She has been a consultant for individuals and groups for more than 15 years.  Additionally Karen has sought out professional certifications in Creative Depth Coaching, Life Coaching, Spiritual Direction, Projective Dreamwork and Reiki.  Using an array of expressive art and transformative processes, Karen offers guidance and support for creative inquiry to cultivate wholeness, balance and well being so each person can journey into a life of purpose and joy.

 A Message from Karen:
As a transformative artist, healer and coach, I have worked with the complexities and shadow material of my own life. Exploring my own life stories and unraveling experiences through a multifaceted approach encompassing the practice of creativity and contemplation.  I use intuitive, creative and linear processes to support my journey and yours. Join me as we journey to wholeness.

Karen Perrell Campbell, MHDL is a certified creative depth coach, educator, artist, and intuitive healer providing life coaching in person Davidson, NC and the surrounding areas and online. She intuitively weaves together multiple modalities assisting others as they journey into wholeness.   Helping you balance your energy for positive change, Karen, a Reiki Master also offers Reiki sessions in Davidson for your health and wholeness.

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